Dr. Stacey has worked with a wide array of age ranges and levels of sport — from high school ultimate frisbee players to professional pitchers. While the needs of different sports may vary, most patients have the same goal — returning to sport without having nagging pain or dysfunction. Stacey will provide you with the tools to do just that.

Dr. Stacey has successfully treated the following conditions (not an exhaustive list):

Knee: meniscus issues, collateral ligament sprain/tears (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL), poor patellar tracking, arthritis, shin splints

Hip: ITB syndrome, labrum, snapping hip,   tight hip flexors, gluteal atrophy


Shoulder: rotator cuff, labrum, impingement, tendonitis


Neck: poor posture, radiating pain, muscle strain

Foot/Ankle: plantar fasciitis, chronic ankle sprains, Achilles tendonitis


Low back: sciatica, stenosis, disc issues, muscle strain


Prehab: Attending PT prior to orthopedic surgery has shown improved results post-surgery


Post-surgical: ACL, meniscus, shoulder and hip labrum, TKR, THR, fusion, Achilles tendon tear, rotator cuff repair, biceps tenodesis