Don't just sit there!

I have had a lot of friends and patients complain about back pain since having to work from home. I often suggest to patients that they should take a 5 minute screen break at the top of each hour which means standing up, walking around and doing a few stretches. (Setting a reminder alarm on your phone can help a great deal!)

These are a few I gentle movements I recommend for low and mid-back pain and stiffness. Please remember, these should not be painful!

Knees to chest: Hold for about 30 seconds. If holding both legs is too challenging, try one at a time. Do this three times.

Lumbar rotation: Keeping the knees close together, try to rotate hips and knees as far as you can in one direction and hold for about 5 seconds. Then slowly switch hips and knees to the other direction and hold for 5 seconds. Try 5-10 reps on both sides.

Cat Camel (or Cat Cow): Hollow out (flex) your lower, middle and upper back as much as you can while keeping palms flat on the ground and slowly switch into arching (extending) your low, middle and upper back as much as you can. Do this 10 times at both maximum ranges of motion.

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